There is a condition that affects students in their final year of high school, it is called senioritis. It is characterized by a decline in motivation and performance. It happens because we have reached a point in our high school careers where we know what our next steps will be. For some that is heading out to the working world, others it’s on to trade school, some of us will head to technical schools, and others will be moving on to college. Regardless of what your next steps are, we have reached a point where we realize the work, we have put into date has allowed us to choose the path we want to follow next and for some senioritis sets in.

We have spent most of our lives listening to others, parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, friends, and other family telling us how we should shape our lives. In kindergarten through 6th grade, most of us were told what our education was going to be. In 7th and 8th grade, many of us had our first taste of choice in our education, by being allowed to choose a few electives. In high school, there is a base education that we must have, but we are allowed to choose our electives. We are allowed to develop our path, but we were required to attend school. It is the law. Now, really for the first time in our lives, we are allowed to choose our full path. We can do what we really want to do. We can work, we can train or we can choose education. And because we are in the final stretch of our required education and we know our work is coming to an end, senioritis tends to show up.

It’s almost here. Senioritis typically arrives in the last half of the senior year. We are typically still involved with the same people and activities from the last three and a half years, but the terms, motivations, and pressures have changed. But as I always say, things are different here at PPHS. Let’s work to make sure senioritis doesn’t set foot in our building. I don’t want to see anyone jogging to the finish line, let’s set ourselves up for our last half-year of success. Let’s make sure we are sprinting through the finish line. Let’s continue to do what we have done for the first three and a half years. Work hard and finish strong!

How do we finish strong, you ask? First and foremost, continue to reach for those great grades. No one’s goals should have changed, we are here to do the best we can do. Let’s continue to do that. At the same time, everyone needs to interject new life into their daily lives. Let’s continue to focus on improving ourselves. I know, I have realized that utilizing a planner will help me to improve my performance moving forward. Yes, it’s something I should have implemented already, but I haven’t. But I will. Consider taking a class outside of school. Perhaps a mechanics class or a cooking class. Let’s continue to improve ourselves at a time when maybe we just want to coast. Donate your time to help others in the communities around us. Work to spend time with friends outside of school as these relationships may have not received as much attention as they should have. Date people as a way of improving our social interactions. Sign up for an online class or maybe take a class in something that you have never experienced before at IUPUI in the spring, while still a senior.

Senioritis is real. It’s a thing. It can happen to you. But it doesn’t have to. Fellow seniors, let’s have a plan to finish strong and make ourselves a better tomorrow! Let’s come back after the holiday breaks with more energy than ever before.