Amp Big New York City riot


The big Social media influencer Kai Cenat and all the other amp members have been called out for inciting a riot and unlawful assembly. Kai was charged after thousands-strong crowds gathered in Union Square in New York City for a giveaway, leaving dozens of people arrested and several police officers injured.

Kai Carlo Cenat III (born December 16, 2001)

Kai Cenat is known as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer with over 13-14 million with each platform he is on, it was said by Kai on a Wednesday night on his Twitch stream that he will be hosting a huge giveaway on Friday, August 4 in Union Square Park. There will be a huge giveaway where he would be giving Ps5, Phones, TVs and pc and other things from a truck he said “I feel like New York really deserves it but not after what everyone did it wasn’t what he expected it became a big problem and had law enforcement involved.  

This event caused 65 people to get arrested including Kai Cenat, Duke Dennis, and Agent 00. We have heard from all of them and their side of the story but the only person who hasn’t come out and said something about it is Kai Cenat. Everyone is back streaming but him. Then a week later he finally spoke “beyond disappointment” which was his exact words. It was not cool how they made him look like a bad person and now he has to chill and not be on social media because of all of his court issues now he also came out and said “I want people to know that none of that was my intention, you feel what I’m saying,” also said, “Not only that, but I don’t condone any of the things that went on that day.” Honestly, I feel like he was just trying to give back to his home and wanted to have a safe and fun time. He didn’t mean it to go like that but we’ll have to see what happens to him after the judge decides what will happen when he goes to court. 

NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey said on that Friday around 3 pm. “Soon the park and the surrounding streets were overrun with people, obstructing vehicular and pedestrian traffic’ causing them to act up and go crazy at first it was 300 kids but ended up turning into thousands very quickly and it was some outrageous behavior happening from those kids and it was unacceptable and that he and the amp members could have planned this better so they could actually be prepared and help out with the giveaway and the people because they were very unaware. 

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