PPHS NOW is the official newspaper of Purdue Polytechnic High School. Founded in 2021 PPHS NOW is an all-media platform that serves to highlight student and community voices. As a newspaper, PPHS NOW produces media for all ranging from written material, to podcasts, and videos.

The purpose of PPHS Now is to serve the school audience, including but not limited to administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and most importantly, the students. Because this is a school media publication, the content and character within will cater to the student body’s interests, ideas, and issues. Further, this publication will serve as a medium and forum for student opinions and ideas. Profanity may appear in the publication, but only in cases of direct quotes or if profanity is necessary to the content of the story. Please do not confuse profanity with obscenity. No article or picture of an obscene nature will appear in this publication.

Opinions expressed in the PPHS NOW are not a reflection of those of Purdue Polytechnic High School, the PPHS body, staff, or administration.

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