Jerin Quinn

Jerin Quinn, Sports anchor

Jerin Quinn is a sophomore at Purdue Polytechnic High School who holds two prominent roles within the school community. As the Sports Anchor for PPHS Now, Jerin brings his passion for sports to the forefront and shares his insights and analysis with the student body. His ability to engage with his audience and keep them informed has made him a valued member of the school's media team.

In addition to his work with PPHS Now, Jerin is also a skilled athlete and an integral member of the PPHS football team. As a defensive lineman, he brings his strength and strategic thinking to the field, helping his team succeed both on and off the pitch.

Jerin's dedication to both his academic and athletic pursuits makes him a well-respected and admired member of the PPHS community. His commitment to excellence and his ability to balance multiple responsibilities serve as an inspiration to his peers and those around him.

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