The Game Everyone’s Been Waiting For: 2K24

The Game Everyones Been Waiting For: 2K24

The hottest new game for basketball 2k24 that everyone has been waiting for and hoping that it will be better than the last 4 years of  2k’s games has dropped because it hasn’t been the same since 2k20. NBA 2k24 was released on September 8th,2023 it wasn’t too long since its release date. This year’s cover athlete will be Kobe Bryant and remembrances of his death that had happened on January 26, 2020, from a helicopter crash where he and his daughter were killed. They put him on this cover specifically because his jersey number was 24 so why wouldn’t they rep his name for game 24 they have 3 different game editions they have Kobe Bryant Edition and Black Mamba Edition Kobe Bryant. The game introduces the “Mamba Moments” mode. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version supports cross-platform play and introduces the new ProPLAY technology because people kept asking for it for so long. The game also comes with a 100k bc if you purchase The Black Mamba but if you get the regular one you just get the game and that’s all you can buy your vc in the 2k shop.

The prices and cost additions of the 

Kobe Bryant Edition of NBA 2K24 will simply include the base game, allowing players to enjoy the traditional game modes. The cost of this edition for next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S) is $99.99 & $150.99 while for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, the price is $69.99 for the 

There are a lot of different things this year about the game the new features such as an overhaul of the traditional badge system, the return of Reputation (REP) Points to MyCareer mode, or the new MyNBA Lite game mode that will help players focus mainly on each game, trades and draft classes in NBA 2K24. They also have new quests and activities and the city(where online build-your-own players play) introduces Streetball, an all-new side quest mode where you can compete in 3v3 games and experience a unique, boisterous environment. Streetball features a unique progression system with new Weekly and Daily challenges for you to face. A lot of people from the 2k community are saying that NBA 2K24 is an overall disappointment compared to not only NBA 2K23 but past NBA titles too. To see how far it’s fallen, all the past great features no longer included, it hurts to see that the only thing that matters is how much VC someone spends on a build this year there asking Ronnie 2k and Visual Concepts what is going on with theses sloppy games it’s honestly disrespectful for them to have to be on the cover too like let’s do better let’s hope for a better game next year. 


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