Gas leak at Purdue Polytechnic High School

On November 9th, 2023 at Purdue Polytechnic High School a gas leak was reported, resulting in all students evacuating the building after the fire alarm went off. It was later announced that the school would be closed, with students being sent home. School was canceled the next day as well, causing students to miss a day and a half of school.

Paramount Englewood, who shares the building with PPHS, notified the school that they smelled gas in their space. This led to the fire alarm suddenly going off and all students evacuating the building. Citizens Gas was contacted as well as the Indianapolis Fire Department. Both walked inside the building in search of gas, but none was ever detected inside the building. For extra caution, they suggested that the school should dismiss early. Students were sent home for that day and the following. While school was closed, Citizens Gas tested to ensure there was no leak. 

According to junior Robert Price, one of the two students who reported the leak, “I think it was a bigger problem because when I was there we couldn’t find exactly where the gas leak came from. It took them a whole day to figure it out.” Two interns, Robert and Carter, smelled the gas and reported it. “It wasn’t a strong scent, that’s the problem –  that’s why we didn’t smell it for the hour that we were there.” 

Many students were alarmed by the incident. After the alarm went off students quickly realized that it wasn’t a fire drill. They were confused about what really happened and why they were sent home, many being unable to grab the stuff they had left in the building.

There was no gas leak found, so students and staff at PPHS aren’t sure what the smell was. According to Robert, “A pipe might have broken, because this building is really old so things tend to break.”

Students did a great job being safe and following instructions. Your safety is the priority at PPHS.

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Sayla McClure
Sayla McClure, Student Journalist
Sayla McClure is a hard-working sophomore at PPHS. She has a passion for theater and art, hoping to make a difference in the community through devised, original theater. She is dedicated to her theater group “React” where she is involved in creating and performing original plays reacting to social issues in the world. Sayla spends a lot of her free time studying linguistics, speaking Spanish and ASL at intermediate levels. She hopes to learn more languages in the future. Sayla has participated in the environmental club at PPHS and is interested in the environment, animals and space. She is motivated by new opportunities and learning new things. 
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