Architecture and Cardboard Furniture class at Purdue Polytechnic High School

Purdue Polytechnic High School’s cycle 2 passion project called “Architecture and Cardboard Furniture” is a class for students interested in architecture at our school. The class is led by Coach LaBounty in the Bunker Building Bay 1. This passion project takes place during the first class of the day. 

In the Cardboard Furniture class, students study famous architectures and design cardboard furniture based on their favorite architects they learned about. They talk about the styles of architecture and what they do or don’t like about them. Then, they construct furniture that has to be functional and be able to sustain a normal load. 

According to Zion Holmes, a sophomore at PPHS, “We create cardboard furniture. Like, I’m making a table, and some other people are making chairs.” The students learn many skills such as measuring, problem-solving, and creative thinking. They learn to use aspects of many different architects to create unique ideas and put them to life. He continued saying, “I like this class because I might want to have an architectural business in the future and this class really helps.” 

This class is a great representation of our school. It is a fun combination of art and engineering that engages students through projects. Passion projects such as this one show how much students can learn from being interested in what they are doing and getting to work on things they are passionate about. Classes like this at PPHS help students prepare for their future by allowing them to learn about subjects they might be interested in as a career. 

The architecture and cardboard furniture class is an interesting, fun, and creative class available at PPHS. This class is great for anyone interested in architecture, engineering, building, or design. PPHS would love for you to consider joining this project in the future!

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About the Contributor
Sayla McClure
Sayla McClure, Student Journalist
Sayla McClure is a hard-working sophomore at PPHS. She has a passion for theater and art, hoping to make a difference in the community through devised, original theater. She is dedicated to her theater group “React” where she is involved in creating and performing original plays reacting to social issues in the world. Sayla spends a lot of her free time studying linguistics, speaking Spanish and ASL at intermediate levels. She hopes to learn more languages in the future. Sayla has participated in the environmental club at PPHS and is interested in the environment, animals and space. She is motivated by new opportunities and learning new things. 
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