Purdue Polytechnic Cooking and Culinary Class

Purdue Polytechnic High School’s new passion project called “Cooking and Culinary” is a class where students learn to plan, cook and serve meals. This is one of the current cycle 2 passion projects. The class is led by Coach Ball, during the first and last class of the day in room 206. 

The students participating in this project get to cook many different foods as well as look through recipes, learn about healthy meal choices, and how to serve meals. They use a Top 1 burner stove to cook their food. The students get to take home the meals they cook in class and share it with their families.

According to Zion Holmes, a sophomore at PPHS, “We make food such as unbaked cookies, mac and cheese, rice crispy treats, and more. We don’t only make food though, we have to look at the recipes and see what we need to make it with.” The students in this class have lots of fun learning about the important skill of cooking. “I enjoy the class because I get to make food when I’m hungry or if anybody in my family wants to eat something.” 

This class was highly requested by students who helped make this project happen. The students are having lots of fun in this passion project, as well as learning about many important skills that they can use to make meals in the future. Coach Ball says that her vision for the class was to “have students learn about healthy meal choices, planning, budgeting, preparation, and serving.” 

The Cooking and Culinary class is a fun, engaging, and interesting class available at our school. If you are interested in food, cooking, or culinary then you will enjoy this new passion project. Purdue Polytechnic would love for you to consider joining this class in the future! 

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Sayla McClure is a hard-working sophomore at PPHS. She has a passion for theater and art, hoping to make a difference in the community through devised, original theater. She is dedicated to her theater group “React” where she is involved in creating and performing original plays reacting to social issues in the world. Sayla spends a lot of her free time studying linguistics, speaking Spanish and ASL at intermediate levels. She hopes to learn more languages in the future. Sayla has participated in the environmental club at PPHS and is interested in the environment, animals and space. She is motivated by new opportunities and learning new things. 
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