Harsh Reality of Colombian Child Trafficking revealed in recent film, Sound of Freedom


Child sex trafficking and kidnapping is a really big problem that is being ignored and is not being talked about, which the public should know about to try to protect children and make a change. This is a problem that is constantly happening every single day. 

Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel (pictured right) has been a surprise success at the box office, with gross ticket sales over $150 million on a budget of only $15 million.

According to online news publication “Texas Scorecard”, senior journalist Erin Andrews writes, “In 2014, Operation Underground Railroad conducted its biggest rescue operation to date. It was called Operation Triple Take, with three takedowns in three different Colombian cities to rescue victims of sex trafficking. Along with the 123 survivors liberated, 20 traffickers were arrested and now face charges for their heinous crimes.” 


Tim Ballard from US Homeland Security spent 20 years as a federal agent busting pedophiles and child sex traffickers, and later started a non profit organization called Operation Underground Railroad. He spent months planning setups to catch and rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers but one big operation that went viral and left a strong powerful message that opened eyes to many. Tim Ballard flew to Columbia to plan an operation where he and a couple others would act as wealthy hosts and offer a private island to big sex traffickers in Colombia. The idea was to lure sex traffickers to the island and make them think that it was a peaceful island where only sex traffickers could enjoy themselves with a bunch of children but not far from the island were boats with officers ready to raid the island, catch the traffickers and rescue the children and then home to their families. That story really opened the eyes of many and showed them the terrible things that are going on in the world that are being unspoken about that should be put to an end. 


Andrews continues: “Operation Triple Take involved simultaneous stings in three different cities that resulted in the rescue of more than 100 trafficking victims and the arrest of a dozen traffickers.” While the film focuses on only one of such sting operations, Ballard continues to bring traffickers to justice using similar tactics. 

“The months-long set-up centered on creating opportunities for local traffickers to bring dozens of their enslaved victims to “sex parties,” with Ballard and his undercover teams pretending to be wealthy hosts”, writes Andrews


Sound of Freedom is a really great movie based on a true story movie with a really strong message. Child sex trafficking is a really big problem that isn’t being spoken about and that needs to change. Children are being taken from their families and are being sold to really terrible people and people are living day by day not knowing what is going on in the world.  

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