The rise of The Purdue Polytechnic High school Golf team


Pictured above are members of the PPHS golf team Eli Hannon and Gabe Story- Courtesy of Haleigh Barry( @haleighmb_photography)


As the  Purdue Polytechnic High School boy’s golf team heads into their second official season players like the staff have started gaining confidence in their abilities and the sport of golf. With new students joining the team, many new experiences are in the works for the boy’s golf team. One of the new players being Eli Hannon who expressed how impactful golf has been to new players.  “the season is going great! I’m having a lot of fun and getting to experience a new sport is great”.


 While winning is often the end goal for most teams this new golf team has set their eyes on a different prize. Many of the players have focused on improving their over skills this season with the hopes of hitting triple bogey every hole. The team has come a long way starting the season with little to no club control to now being able to hit with decent form and with long ball distance.


After speaking with Eli Hannon he took the time to praise key players who have driven the Purdue Polytechnic golf team. One of those players is Spencer Armstrong who is a standout player and a big role model to all the young players. As a Senior and veteran member of the golf team, he teaches and leads the team selflessly . Without players like him, the team would not be where they are today.